Why do you need a biographical record of your life story? Because …

Every Life matters. Especially yours.

Remember riding a pony for the first time while visiting Uncle Ned's farm? The day that amazing teacher took the time to explain algebra to you? Learning to play the ukulele from that nice lady who lived across the street?


Will your kids know any of this ever happened?

They will, if your memories have been saved.

I write biographical stories for people just like you. To make it real, I breathe life into every description, feeling and action so your unique story is presented just the way you remember. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments, the responsibilities you shouldered, and how you overcame impossible obstacles along the way.

Let's explore the events that shaped your life and, together, produce a worthy, meaningful legacy of your life journey. Don't leave everyone in the dark about the one story that only you can tell. Especially your children, and their children. Contact me for an appointment to learn more about preserving your life in print.

So, how do we capture your life journey?

  1. We start with interviews I’ll record on tape.  To coax out memories, I’ll help by asking some simple questions as we go along. We’ll look at old photos and other memorabilia important to your book.  And, finally, we’ll discuss all the different ways your book can be produced.
  1. Next, I’ll transcribe the tapes and handwritten notes. 
  1. After that, I’ll shape the material into an outline covering your life that we can follow throughout the process.
  1. Once we have an outline of your life I’ll begin the story writing process and chapter one will take shape.
  1. Then, we’ll review the first chapter and make adjustments so it reads just the way you want it.
  1. From there, together, we’ll go over every chapter as I write them until the manuscript is finished.
  1. When the manuscript is finished, I will proofread, edit and prepare a final draft for you.
  1. Then, you’ll look over the final draft and approve it for printing.
  1. Lastly, we’ll move into the production phase of the project, select a cover design, graphics, typefaces and all the other necessary components we’ll need to finalize your book in print.
  1. Now it goes to the printer.  Before long, copies of your book will be delivered to you.  And your life will be captured in your very own book.